Have you had your tools stolen from the back of the ute? Or from a construction site? For tradies, this is a well-known crime across Australia every day. If your tools and other equipment are vital to your livelihood, loss or damage to these can often be devastating, and turning up to a job site without your tools isn’t an option, but it can and does happen. 


On 15th April this year, the world watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was built in the 13th Century, was gutted by fire. Whilst to date, there has been no confirmed evidence of arson, investigators currently believe that various scenarios could have instigated the fire, from an electrical issue, a cigarette, or was it plain negligence.  (more…)

How to keep your business afloat in the event of a disaster

No-one likes to think that a disaster could happen to their business, but it can and does happen far too frequently in Australia. For example, the recent floods in Townsville which were declared a disaster zone; imagine the problems faced by small business owners who were prevented from trading during the aftermath of the floods. (more…)

6 common business insurance myths busted

Insurance for small businesses can be complex, so finding the right type of insurance policies for your business can be a challenge. The matter is made even more complicated by the existence of numerous insurance myths, making the decision process even harder. To ensure that your business is well protected against any future claims, it’s important to identify these myths, so that you can make the right insurance choices for your business.  


Do your employees face danger every day and do you have a Workers Compensation policy?

Most jobs have some element of risk, whether it’s a slip and fall in the office, forklift incident in the warehouse, muscle strain, cuts or burns in the kitchen, they can happen. So what are highly dangerous jobs? And is your Workers Compensation policy adequate to cover your employees. 


Five ways to plan for growth in 2019

Most business owners undoubtedly will say that they are focused on business growth.  However, far too often a cohesive and executable plan has not been completed to achieve this growth. If they do have a plan, it’s usually far too vague and doesn’t really get off the ground.

Multiple factors in today’s marked undoubtedly impede business growth, namely the increasing costs of materials and resources, rising fixed costs (such as rent, power and fuel), and complicated government regulations. Not to mention a lack of skilled labour, competition within the market space, and the changing landscape introduced by e-commerce.

So how can you help your business grow and expand?


Insurance claims – tips for small businesses

Whilst making a claim on your business insurance can be a straight forward process, if you are unaware of the process and don’t know what to expect, navigating your way through this can be time consuming and frustrating. This is particularly relevant if a serious incident has occurred on your premises and the police are involved. 

To alleviate any stress or concerns you may have about submitting a business claim, here are a few tips that should make the process less stressful.


Recent flooding in parts of North Queensland has left thousands of families and small businesses devastated, loosing not only their homes, but their livelihoods as well. The millions of dollars of property damage has resulted in both emotional and financial stress to many.


The threat of a cyber breach for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) is a very real concern, one that has been recently highlighted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (NDP) in Australia.


Creating a risk management plan for your SME business

Does your business have a risk management plan? How will you manage if a catastrophe occurs? 

A risk management plan helps to prepare for these events, once you have identified the key risk concerns, you can ensure necessary precautions are taken to protect your business, together with the right type of insurances.   Do you want to create your own risk management plan, but don’t know where to start, here are three easy to follow steps.


What’s happening in the world of Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance isn’t just limited to typical ‘professions’ such as accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors and architects. Essentially, anybody providing advice for a fee has an exposure that needs to be considered, even casual advice to customers about the use of a product for example. 


Do you need Strata Insurance?

Strata Insurance is mandatory in Australia and covers common property under a strata title or body corporate. When purchasing a unit or townhouse either for yourself or as an investment property, you will share the costs of this insurance with the other owners in the complex as part of your Body Corporate fees.


The perpetual importance of insurance advisers

With the rise of the internet, many consumers are now choosing online DIY options when it comes to selecting insurance coverage for their business operations. These online options generally aren’t providing accurate advice as to what exposures you face, therefore what policy is the right one to effect? 


What is Management Liability Insurance and do you need it?

The increase in corporate litigation in Australia has caused many SMEs to reassess their risk of exposure and to redesign their insurance cover. One of the most underrated and underutilised insurance covers is Management Liability Insurance, mainly due to a global misunderstanding about its relevance to small businesses.


Why do you need to read the PDS when effecting insurance?

Insurance providers are required to give their clients a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) that details the terms and conditions of the policy. The PDS contains all the relevant policy terms and conditions that will dictate the effectiveness and outcomes of the policy you have purchased. It is a legal document, and you are likely not to disregard any other legal document if it was provided to you, which entitled you to settlement benefits. 


Why do you need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you are a professional who provides services or advice to others, then it’s quite likely that you will need Professional Indemnity Insurance. This type of insurance reduces your exposure to the costs of legal action taken against you by your clients (and any associated financial losses) for an act of negligence that occurred during the commission of your professional duty.


Five Factors that affect your insurance premiums

Most people understand that insurance premiums rise and fall, the questions is why do your premiums change? What factors cause the amount of money you pay to your insurance company to increase or decrease?

If you have to pay higher premiums, does that automatically mean that you have better coverage? If not, what about lower premiums, should you opt for the lowest you can find?


If you are not happy with your insurance claim – here’s what to do next

The General Insurance Code of Practice requires insurers to be honest, fair and open with their customers and to maintain high standards when dealing with claims or customer complaints. What happens however, if the insurance company won’t pay your claim or only gives you a partial payment? What can you do if you are not happy?


Running your own business is risky – here’s how to protect yourself

One of the most ignored risk minimisation strategies for small businesses is insurance cover. For some reason, many business owners ignore the issue of insurance for their business, because after all – what can go wrong?


ONE FOR ALL: Business Pack Insurance isn’t right for every business. But could it work for you?

Consolidating can deliver real savings and efficiencies across a wide range of business services. Insurance is no different, especially thanks to something known as Business Pack Insurance.


Is your business ready? Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme in effect 22nd Feb.

In 2017, a single data breach resulted in sensitive information of almost 50,000 Australians being leaked. This appears to be an ongoing trend and as a result, laws surrounding data breaches are being strengthened with amendments to the Privacy Legislation coming into effect on 22 Feb 2018. 


How to leverage your existing data and increase your bottom line

Many small businesses pay a fortune in research, marketing and advertising costs, totally unaware that they have a gold mine of data just waiting to be plundered. Generating new leads, exploring new markets and targeting specific groups of consumers can all be vital to the growth and success of small businesses. 

Most businesses however, go ahead and pay marketing companies a fortune to achieve these goals. However, mining your own data is the way of the future and can not only help small businesses to save money on outsourcing, but can also help to drive customer acquisitions, boost growth and identify gaps and opportunities in the market.


Do you need Directors and Officers insurance?

Company Directors earn a good living, but this must also be countered with the increase in responsibility, stress and liabilities that comes with such lofty positions. The ride isn’t always rough however, as there can be long stretches of company growth and smooth sailing, but what happens when something goes wrong?


Start on the right foot. 7 things to know when setting up a new company.

Starting your own company is an exciting time. It’s likely to be one of the more pivotal moments in your career, if not your entire life. But it’s also a time inevitably filled with processes, responsibilities and pitfalls. The good news is with a little planning and a trusted support team around you, you can significantly smooth the process. While there are many things you’ll need to consider when starting out, here are seven of the most common – and important. (more…)

Better the devil you know?

Using an adviser VS going direct to an insurer

It’s human nature to crave familiarity and ‘go with what we know’. Unfortunately, in many parts of life this doesn’t always give you the best possible outcome – including insurance. (more…)

What do the new data breach laws mean for your business?

After a series of false starts, the senate has finally passed new data breach laws that force Australian businesses to notify the Australian Information Commissioner of any cyber attacks. The Notifiable Data Breaches Bill, which passed the Senate on 22nd February 2017 will be enacted into law on 22nd February 2018 and includes any business or organisation that is accountable under the Privacy Act.


Have you reviewed your small business insurances lately?

Insurances are an accepted part of doing business, but many small companies in Australia are essentially putting their businesses at risk, simply because they don’t have the right type of insurances. 

If you are a small business owner, then you are most probably aware that ‘off-the-shelf’ insurance policies don’t always suit your business’s needs. In fact, most small business insurance policies need to be expertly crafted to suit the individual needs of each business. (more…)

What would happen if you weren’t fully covered?

Imagine something serious happens at your business. You need to make an insurance claim. You contact your insurer. But the news isn’t good. In fact, it turns out the policy you’ve been paying for – the one you thought was protecting you – actually doesn’t because of an exclusion you hadn’t even realised was in your policy. Your mind races. Your heart sinks. And, suddenly, your blood pressure rises. A lot. (more…)

TO RENEW? OR REVIEW? Making sure your insurance keeps pace with your changing business needs

Okay, okay. Not many people look forward to renewing their insurance each year. After all, when you’re busy running a business the last thing you probably want is to spend time reviewing policy schedules and Product Disclosure Statements. But as tempting as it can be to get your renewals over and done with simply by sticking with what you already have, be careful. (more…)

Basic Cyber Protection

So it’s a scary world out there – not just on the streets, but even more so online. We hear about huge corporate hacks every other day, that the Russians hacked the US elections, China hacks everyone all the time and, most recently, that a massive ransomware attack hit hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. So, what does the average person need to do to protect themselves from these events??? Read on. (more…)

Flying Solo – Insurance for the Self-Employed

Working for yourself as a sole trader can have plenty going for it. Work/life flexibility. Lower overheads. Zero internal politics. But when the buck starts and ends with you, it also comes with a unique set of challenges – especially in the event you were to become sick or injured. (more…)

Rising construction costs

Is your building cover actually enough to cover you?

Like most things in life the cost of construction is rising. Building materials, fittings and labour can all be affected. This means each year it becomes more and more expensive to repair or replace the same buildings in the event of major damage, be they part of your home or your business. (more…)

Understanding the importance of Personal Insurance in your business plans

Will your business still be around if you’re not?

Tens of thousands of Australians devote their entire lives to operating a successful business, toiling their heart and soul into setting up and running their company. But none of us are here forever. Just as you need to discuss important issues such as organ donation and your estate with loved ones, it’s important – but often overlooked – to have similar discussions about your business needs in the event of your sudden death or disablement. And then take steps to secure the future you’d want, whatever that happens to be. (more…)

Head above water: Recovering from flood damage.

Flooding affects thousands of Australian home and business owners every year. But some rebound much faster than others once the danger has passed and waters have receded.

Rising floodwaters and inundated communities provide exactly the type of human drama the media loves. But what receives far less attention, and is often overlooked entirely, is just how difficult it can be for local home owners and businesses to recover long after the cameras have stopped rolling. (more…)

Understanding the risk of Under-insurance

Did you know Australia is one of the most under-insured nations in the developed world? From inadequate levels of income protection and life insurance arrangements, to grossly undervalued business assets and equipment, alarmingly few Australians have anything remotely like what they’d actually need in the event of a claim. (more…)

Softening the blow of cyclones

Tropical cyclones are a fact of life for communities across northern Australia from November to April. But often underestimated is just how common these destructive weather events really are. Since 1969/70 Bureau of Meteorology records show Australia has experienced an average of 11 tropical cyclones every season. In the past 5 years alone two of these have registered the maximum warning rating of Category 5: Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and Cyclone Marcia in 2015. With wind gusts in excess of 300km/h both led to widespread destruction of property, infrastructure and many injuries. In the case of Yasi, one man also died. (more…)

What’s the secret to stress-free insurance claims?

Insurance claims are often accompanied by considerable amounts of stress. Not so much due to claim itself, but rather the events that have preceded the need to actually make it. Whether it’s the result of an accident, injury, natural disaster or another form of personal or business loss, the last thing you want is to be burdened with the additional trauma of a complex or protracted claim. The good news is you don’t have to be. (more…)

Why a disaster needn’t be a financial catastrophe – Understanding business interruption insurance.

What would you rather after a disaster hits? Close down temporarily with the peace of mind that everything will be back to normal as soon as the business has been fixed and ready to re-open? Or have banks and staff breathing down your neck while you scramble to keep your head above the water?

The ability to keep your business operating, week in, week out, is the lifeline to your own financial future as a business owner. (more…)

Australia’s Biggest Insurance Claims and What You Can Do After A Disaster

Everyday people use insurance as a safety net for their personal domestic possessions, something to fall back on when the impossible occurs. Today, insurance is used as a protection of your belongings, and public liability where you may be legally liability for bodily injury or property damage. Generally, people don’t pay much attention to the importance of having good insurance cover. But every so often a well-publicised event occurs, that reinforces the true value of your insurance. (more…)

Keeping Covered on Land and Sea: Do You Have the Right Marine Insurance Policy Coverage?

In the prestigious Royal Motor Yacht Club marina in Rose Bay NSW, the yacht of Anthony Bell, probably the world’s only celebrity accountant, sunk in the early morning hours.

In the aftermath of Mr Bell’s misfortune, people should consider whether they and their businesses have the right insurance policy to cover such an accident. (more…)

Asbestos – Commonplace yet Deadly Hazardous. When to be Wary of Asbestos

Be Wary of Asbestos After Natural Disasters

Did you know that the negative effects of asbestos can be a serious danger after natural disasters like floods and storms?

Asbestos is a group of mineral fibres that occur naturally. Its versatility, strength, fire resistance and insulating ability make it an attractive material for use in many industries, with over 3000 applications. In Australia, about one third of all homes built contain asbestos products, including roof sheeting, guttering, fencing, telecommunications pits and carpet underlays, despite the fact that it has deadly effects on our health. (more…)

Marine Professional Negligence Insurance – Key Points

By Ray Park – Marine Insure

Marine Professional Negligence Insurance is a specialty line targeted at occupations within the Marine Industry such as Naval Architects, Marine Surveyors and Consultants, Marine Engineers, Ships Managers and Transport/Logistics Consultants to name a few. (more…)

Commercial Marine Hull and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance – What does it all mean?

By Ray Park – Marine Insure

Commercial Hull Insurance, together with Protection & Indemnity (P&I) is essential for any commercial vessel owner for the protection of their financial investment in their vessel, like any other asset used in connection with a business. (more…)

Marine Cargo Insurance – What are the options?

By Ray Park – Marine Insure

Marine Cargo Insurance has its roots in very early trade times, where traders would spread their commodities over several vessels to ‘spread the risk’. Then came the Lloyds Coffee Houses in London, where several businessmen would receive a payment for signing their name under a certain shipment of goods agreeing to pay a portion of a claim. Hence the name ‘under writer’ and the rest is history with the establishment of Lloyds of London.

Most insured cargo is covered by Institute Cargo Clauses, of which there is a host to choose from, depending on the subject matter insured and what type of cover is required. The most regularly used clauses are Institute Cargo Clauses A, B and C. (more…)

Marine Industry Liability – What to look out for

By Ray Park – Marine Insure

Marine Liabilities in many ways, are no different from other Liabilities. Put simply, when a company or business is involved in the Boat & Marine Industry, whether it be Boat Building, Repairing, Painting and so on, they are all exposed to liability risks just as much as any other business is. (more…)

Travel insurance: Common mistakes and pitfalls to look out for

Ensuring that you have adequate insurance when travelling is paramount, with every policy being different in the coverage provided and exclusions they include. Following is an article from Traveller, with important tips to look out for when selecting a travel policy as either a business/corporate traveller or personal traveller. (more…)

Tip of the month

Spring clean your insurance policies

Is it time you did a spring clean of your insurance policies? After a long winter, now might be the time to do a review of your insurance cover to make sure you are properly insured to enjoy all the pleasures the more temperate weather brings. (more…)

Are you Environmentally Friendly?

Environmental Insurance, formerly known as Environmental Impairment Liability, covers businesses against a range of environmental liabilities and exposures. Designed to respond to all types of pollution, whether it be sudden, accidental, gradual, or part of your clean-up regulatory obligations, this type of insurance ensures you are fully covered as things become more complex over time. Throughout the Asia Pacific, environmental exposures have been amplified by tougher legislation and although business functions may not have changed, the potential environmental liabilities have increased. (more…)

Protect Yourself Against Cyber Bullies

Our previous newsletter talked about the growing need for businesses to implement safeguards to mitigate cyber-attacks in the work place. We want to follow on from that and discuss further how business’ can help protect themselves against cyber threats. (more…)

Prepare, Act and Survive

You do not need to live in the bush to be affected by bushfires. Burning material, embers and smoke can still cause damage to your home and business if you are in close enough reach of a bushfire. The most loss of life and property damage occurs around the fringes of the cities, where homes and businesses are surrounded by flammable vegetation. Queensland’s peak risk to bushfires is around spring and summer, when high-risk weather patterns, such as relative low humidity, high winds and lack of rain can contribute to increased fire danger. (more…)

Protect yourself against terrorist acts

Commercial markets have matured and become much more innovative in their underwriting approach to terrorism. (more…)

Underinsurance reaches $1.8 trillion

According to a new report from Rice Warner, the amount of life underinsurance in Australia is estimated at $1.8 trillion. (more…)

Live long and prosper

A study by HR and recruitment specialists Randstad, has found almost one in five (18%) Aussie workers expect to retire in their 70s and believe their children will live to over 100. (more…)

Tip of the month

Insure yourself at home

As working practices have changed and more and more people work at home, it is vital to ensure that you have all of your insurances in order. (more…)

Super offers property investment opportunity

Superannuation doesn’t have an exciting reputation, but a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may provide an alternative pathway to property investment that appeals to savvy investors. (more…)

Safety in cyber insurance

In an era in which technology is pervasive and security can be easily compromised, it is important for businesses to put security measures and safeguards in place to mitigate any breaches that may occur. (more…)

Did you know?

One in six drivers have confessed that they would not leave their details if they hit your car in your absence. (more…)

Business Continuity Planning – Why you should have a Plan.

What would you do if you arrived at work one morning and your premises had been destroyed by fire?

Or what if a staff member was seriously injured, either whilst at the workplace or after hours ? (more…)

Proceed with caution when using the $20k Budget tax deduction

So, your business has a turnover under $2 million and you want to know how to use the $20,000 immediate tax deduction that’s been all over the news?

Before you start spending, there are a few things you need to know. (more…)

As a company director, there are very important responsibilities and duties placed on you under the Corporations Act, and enforceable by ASIC should you fail to carry out your duties in the best interests of the company.  The same rules apply to a small company with a sole director, as a large corporate organization with a board of directors. (more…)

Federal Budget 2015/2016 – The ‘have a go’ Budget

by Mark Stewart, Director – Integrity Wealth

This is a highly targeted Budget that seeks to keep change within community tolerance levels. (more…)

In this short article, Adrian Kitchin, Managing Director of Insurance Advisernet Australia and New Zealand explains why you should protect the key people in your business, including you. An important path to peace of mind for the business owner, allowing them to get on with business without having to worry if they are covered for any eventuality. (more…)

Jan Watman, Director of Start Fresh Finance, navigates the minefield of finance types and technical terms to give you an insight into your options when applying for equipment finance.  (more…)

2015 Fringe Benefits Tax – Be Prepared And Be Aware

The 31st of March 2015 marks the end of the 2015 Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year.  If you are an employer that has provided any non-salary benefits to employees, you may have an obligation to prepare and lodge an FBT return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). (more…)

Workplace Risk Management – Protecting You and Your Business

For most businesses, workers’ compensation premiums can be one of their largest insurance costs. Many organisations are not aware that this cost to their business can be controlled and reduced with strategic premium, claims, injury and risk management practices. (more…)

Exciting News for Property Purchase

Property Purchase within reach!

This months 0.25% rate cut by the RBA means interest rates are set for record lows and some borrowers will now enjoy historically low rates approaching 4.50% p.a. (more…)

Contract Liability – What do You know about it?

Did you know….many small and medium business owners and managers can expose themselves to potential financial difficulty by entering into contracts? (more…)

Transition Planning –

Essential for Thriving through the Big Step of Stopping Work and Starting Retirement

by Denise Gibbons, Director – Integrity Wealth

There are many milestones that happen throughout our life’s journey.  Leaving home, commencing a career, starting a business and starting a long term personal relationship to name a few. (more…)

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Policy?

Importance of Reviewing Policy Sum Insured

I’m sure you’ll agree, having insurance in place for your physical asset pool is a necessity. What you may not have considered however is that being under insured can be just as devastating financially as having no insurance at all. (more…)

5 FAQ on Life Risk Insurance

Here a number of frequently asked questions we hear about life risk Insurance. You may identify with these and find an answer. If not, simply call 3217 9015 or contact us by clicking here (more…)

1.         They don’t Buy Insurance

This is relatively the biggest mistake business owners make on insurance.  Insurance can seem like the benefit doesn’t justify the cost or maybe they don’t realize they need coverage.  Business owners can sometimes feel that as long as they follow the rules, operate legally, and do what they are supposed to do, they will be ok.   What many don’t realize is that even if they are sued and win, the cost of defending themselves against even an unfounded lawsuit may be enough to put them out of business. (more…)

Summer Protection – Personal Protection

Your Summer Protection Newsletter

Aussie summers and the great outdoors go together like shrimps and barbies! 

Before long, we’ll be packing up the kids and heading to the surf for some fun in the sun. Teaching junior to boogie board, playing beach cricket till dusk and lazing in the sun are just some of the ways we Aussies enjoy our welldeserved R ‘n’ R at year’s end. (more…)

You know about Business Expenses but….

What is Business Expenses Insurance?

If you are self-employed or in a small partnership, an extended absence from your business as a result of sickness or injury could have a severe financial impact on you and your family. (more…)

The year is rushing by and it will be Christmas before we know it.  But don’t allow the year to run away on you without doing yourself, and those you love, the biggest favour of all – review your insurances. (more…)

With a number of changes being made to the investment rules for self-managed super funds, allowing investments in a wider range of assets including property assets, many self-managed super funds have a large percentage of assets tied up in a single investment – leading to lack of liquidity. Appropriate insurance cover becomes especially important when SMSFs look at property investment and have debt. (more…)

If you’re a 35-year-old Australian with an annual income of $80 000, you could earn around $3.8 million before you turn 65[1]. With that kind of multi-million-dollar value, your ability to earn a living could be considered one of your greatest personal assets, which means: You need income protection insurance! (more…)

Many small and medium business owners and managers can expose themselves to potential financial difficulty by entering into contracts. The business owner is typically focusing solely on the perceived benefit and not necessarily appreciating the liabilities and other consequences of what is being signed. At Insurance Advisernet we understand the risks associated with signing contracts and we are pleased to provide you with a free copy of “Mannings Guide to Contract Reviews”. This free guide explains the major issues that should be considered when signing any contract, large or small. (more…)

With the middle of the year now upon us, getting your financial affairs in order and setting goals for the year ahead should be top of mind. (more…)

If you own your own business, chances are it’s your livelihood. But what if something
happened to you or your partner and you were unable to continue operating it?

As a business owner you’ll need to consider the ‘what ifs’ should you or your business
partner exit the business involuntarily, if you know what I mean? (more…)

Income Protection with Trauma Cover

Turbo charge your Income Protection with Trauma Cover

Your ability to earn an income is one of, if not, your most important asset. The value of income protection insurance is gaining a widespread understanding, as people are recognising that they need a contingency plan which will pay a regular monthly income if sickness or injury prevents them from working (more…)

There are many reasons why you should be thinking about Forefront — Chubb’s leading management liability insurance solution. Chubb has developed a Management Liability solution to offer broad coverage for SME clients. (more…)

Our success has been built on personalised service and support.

We conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and advise our recommendations on the correct coverage required to protect your assets and liabilities. We objectively recommend the best insurance products from a range of the best insurance providers, matching the right insurer to you. (more…)